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The Seahorse Trainer - Teaser

The Seahorse Trainer - Teaser

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Genre:  fantasy

Runtime:  12 minutes

Format:  2k

Audio:  5.1 surround sound

THE SEAHORSE TRAINER is the story of a lonely old man with a passion for training seahorses who attempts to achieve an unimaginable trick.



Chicago Horror Film Festival • winner: Best Editing | nominee: Best Short Film, Best Director, Best VFX


New Jersey Film Festival • winner: Best Short Film


Vancouver Short Film Festival • winner: Best Short Film, Best VFX


SPARK Animation • winner: Best VFX, Rising Star in VFX


Film Quest • winner: Best Fantasy Short | nominee: Best VFX


San Diego Int'l Film Festival • nominee: Best Short Film


Leo Awards • winner: Best Sound, Best VFX, Best Production Design, Best Editing, Best Score | nominee: Best Direction, Best Cinematography

Lonely Wolf: London Int'l Film Festival • winner: Best VFX | nominee: Best Fantasy, Outstanding Character Design, Outstanding Created Environment


Scorpius Fest • winner: Best Short Film, Best Screenplay, Best Score 

Most notably, the film won one of three jury awards at the Seattle Int'l Film Festival which qualified it to be considered for the Oscars 2020.

THE SEAHORSE TRAINER recently aired on Moviestar Plus in Spain and can now be viewed on Amazon Prime. 

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